Pilot Interruptus - Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome

So who was the fraking genius who came up with the idea of separating the Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome pilot into 10-12 minutes segments? Must have been some type of artificial intelligence - anyway - the verdict is in. The show seems like its coming together well but it's driving us crazy only being able to see 10 minutes at time. It turns just about every potential scene transition or ad slot into a fraking cliff hanger. Our nerves may not be able to take much more of this. Here's a fracking suggestion - try doing 30 minute segments so we can actually have some sort of fulfilling viewing experience why don't you? You can stream 30 minute segments right?

They've got way more ships on Blood & Chrome which means more ships to blow up - yippee!

So here's the fraking promo trailer and we apologize for using the word frak or trying to say other bad words (starting with S or B) under our breath so we won't get censored.

Since we can't watch the whole show yet, here's a music video / song that expresses our sentiments about having to watch Blood & Chrome 10 minutes at a time...

Me and my Cylon...

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