Let's all Boycott Cougar Town

We've got problems with Cougar Town; we had problems with it before and then someone decided to save the show this season and resurrect it on TBS - now we're really upset.

Apparently Cougar Town is a real place - supposedly near Sarasota but they're denying it...

Why? well it all started with this ad which we were forced to watch at the beginning of Abe Lincoln (and two other films at the cinema) last month...

Worst promotional ad ever - worthy a negligence suit against someone

Being pummeled by this ad wasn't the end though - more ads began showing up on cable...

They're cougars and alcoholics?

We're not sure what's so hilarious about people standing around their kitchen gulping down wine - but then again we're not sure why being a middle aged woman is worthy of ridicule either.

So, if those ads and the stupid premise for the show weren't bad enough we've got several more problems with the show:

  • Didn't we already essentially explore the same topics with Sex in the City and Desperate Housewives?
  • Why do we have to watch Courtney Cox embarrass herself  - and who in the heck invited her up to dance with Springsteen anyway? 
  • These guys are embarrassing most of the state of Florida.
  • Both the male and female characters seem vacuous and dull - where's the storyline? 
  • Why is funnier for middle aged women to be divorced then middle aged men? (Men of a Certain Age got cancelled and no asked to bring that back)
  • We don't like the idea of a show being based entirely on demographics and popular culture lingo - and if they are going to do that why not go for MILFs?  
  • Why is living on a cul de sac supposed to be funny?

This where it all started for Courtney - from teenie MTV dancer to cougar

We're calling for a boycott of the show - or at least a ban on their showing ads at movie theaters.

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