A Tribute to the BBC

Today we're paying tribute to the British Broadcasting Corporation or BBC. This year has been tough for them due to a sex scandal over one of their show celebrities; however, we don't think that's how the BBC ought to be judged or remembered. The BBC for us is the network that gave the world Monty Python's Flying Circus and 100's of other memorable programs. The BBC has partnered with PBS since 1971 on what is the longest running prime time program in US television history - Masterpiece Theater. The influence of the BBC is probably more pervasive than most people realize as a number of American TV shows like the Office are in fact copies of previous British productions.
The BBC's understated logo
The BBC is in fact a series of state run television and radio networks. The BBC first began broadcasting TV programs in 1932 and began regular broadcasts in 1934. Television broadcasting was suspended during WW2, but BBC radio was there broadcasting the London Blitz to the world in 1940. The BBC has a long and storied history; it was the preferred method for coordinating resistance fighters in France and elsewhere and also served to inform Hitler that there was still one voice broadcasting Democracy across Europe. 

A family listening to the BBC during World War 2

Ten Reasons We Love the BBC
  1. Because it captured Winston Churchill's defiant messages to Hitler and showed the world that Democracy would not give up without a fight.
  2. Because Monty Python's Flying Circus probably wouldn't have happened anywhere else - it redefined comedy for generations. 
  3. Because Dr. Who never gets old - and it's bigger inside.
  4. Because they took Shakespeare and other British theater and made it fun (I, Claudius). 
  5. Because the BBC is not afraid to take risks and launch groundbreaking shows across genres.
  6. Because the BBC inspired Austin Powers. 
  7. Because all the British Invasion bands and then later many Alternative bands helped get started through appearances on British TV. 
  8. Because it is the launchpad for many of the best actors on the planet.
  9. Because it represents the number one cultural exchange between Britain and the US (the British Invasion is a close second).
  10. The BBC has absolutely nothing to do with Rupert Murdock. 

The Teletubbies eventually hit the gym to work on their image issues...
BBC Shows we're Going to Review
  1. Sherlock
  2. Dr. Who
  3. Primeval
  4. Masterpiece Theater
  5. Torchwood
  6. Walking with Beasts
  7. Red Dwarf
  8. Monty Python's Flying Circus
  9. Life on Mars (BBC version)
  10. I, Claudius
  11. Teletubbies

The Dead Parrot Skit

Mrs., will ya, turn on the tele...

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